deborah BREWSTER

Just start something, no matter how small, and it will make a difference.



I have been teaching classes for over 10 years privately and in gyms throughout the city. I started training with kettlebells and certified as a group instructor in 2010.


As much as I love exercise, my passion and strength is in motivating others. If you want to get moving, but are having a hard time, I can help you make the changes you want to see in yourself.


I am a firm believer that fitness is its own reward. It adds to your quality of life, overall health and can definitely be something you can take pride in.


Let's celebrate what we can do!

classes and Possibilities

Park Fitness

Come to one of my classes in Perth Park

Tuesday 7:15 AM

Wednesday 9:00 AM

Thursday 7:15 AM

Small Groups

Do you have a group of friends or coworkers who want to sweat together? Contact me and we can plan a small group class.

Fitness Events

Give your birthday, bachelorette party or stag night a healthy twist and start your celebrations off with a workout and reward.

Kettlebell Training

Learn the fundamentals of kettlebell training and get a great workout in the process.


from my students

"I am destroyed! But, I could do almost everything and I could do some version of everything the whole time. So, hell yeah!"


July, 2020

"That felt great"


July, 2020

"You never really appreciate how long a minute is until you are doing burpees"


July, 2020

deborah BREWSTER

Group Trainer

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